Learn To Earn


A recurring gift of 15 a month allows three children to receive a daily nutritional serving for 30 days, providing over 1200 nutritional servings in a 12 month cycle.

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A recurring gift of 30 a month gives two single parent families enough daily nutrition for 30 days, providing over 2400 nutritional servings in a 12 month cycle.

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A recurring gift of 45 a month allows a class of 10 students to receive a 30 day supply of nutritional, providing over 3600 nutritional servings in a 12 month cycle.

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Why Learn To Earn?

On average, 21,000 children die each day worldwide (14 children per minute or 7.6 million children each year) from poverty-related issues. One of the cornerstone effects of poverty is malnutrition. Malnutrition greatly reduces the effectiveness of the immune system, thus increasing the susceptibility to disease while also impairing development (UN/WHO).

How we are solving it:

Mango Foundation is currently helping to provide more than 5,000 servings each day of PhytoBlend* phytonutrients, developed specifically for malnourished children. Throughout 2012-2015, we partnered with local organizations to distribute over 1.56 million nutritious servings to orphans and school children in Guatemala. In response to the growing epidemic of malnutrition, RU4Children has established a goal of nourishing 10,000 children on a daily basis by 2015.

There’s more! Although tremendous change has taken place since 2012 in our school meal program, as of March 2015 we have yet to reach our goal of 10,000 daily. We believe that hope is just around the corner. Help us nourish by providing for a child, a family, or even an entire classroom. Your actions are guaranteed to inspire others.